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Shipping & Returns

International orders can only be made with advance payment due to high additional costs.Unfortunately we can´t accept payment per cheque, because of to high dues. 

After placing an order you will automatically receive an e-mail containing all pertinent information! 
When registering complaints please be sure to include your order number and your address or e-mail address, which will simplify the process. In the event that the clothes you have ordered and received don't please or fit you, and you would like to exchange them, send them back to our address with a note explaining how and why, and what you'd like to exchange them for, as well as the necessary postage and your address. 
Don't forget to look in the shop first to make sure the stuff is available in the color and size that you want, so that your request can be fulfilled as quickly as possible! You will be sent the new items promptly. If you would prefer a refund to an exchange, include your bank account information and we'll transfer the money back to you! Please note that we cannot accept shipments without postage paid. Unfortunately we are not a major mail order company, so in the event of a faulty order you will only be compensated the value of the goods. For your convenience here is our address again

Tonetoaster Records
Am Wiesengrund 5 
33449 Langenberg

bank account
Tonetoaster Records
IBAN     DE92 4786 2447 7801 1295 00
Bank     Volksbank Rietberg
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